Oil painting is, for me, a medium of time, layers of color overlay and time becomes part of the final materiality of the artwork, in both visual and symbolic ways. The technical possibilities of this medium seem infinite and make it extraordinary, I explore and use them according to the result I seek.

I do not pre-draw on the canvas, I create a background, textured or not, often with blended tones, then I reveal the subject gradually, applying and removing paint here and there as we do when modeling a sculpture, it arises from the multiple layers, with the colors and values creating its volume and shape.

Painting is for me a particular way to communicate what I feel, my subjects emerge from an emotion, a situation, an encounter, a song, a text, a living experience... I make small and quick sketches of the idea or inner vision coming to me. Sometimes an unexpected life event changes totally the direction of the painting started.

To paint is for me a way to resist, a path of resilience from witnessing the continuous suffering and obliteration of so many living creatures, and also what seems to be the pain of the nature itself when it's spoiled, damaged, I feel that pain deeply inside of me.

Painting is my path, to re-explore childhood, its hopes, dreams, growing disenchantments, and to heal.

Bienvenue sur Ang.O Art

Ce site, en cours de réalisation, donne une idée générale de ma recherche en peinture. Le contenu est aussi en français et espagnol, souligné par fr ou es. Pour voir plus de peintures d'animaux visitez SVP le site dédié aux Animaux. Merci pour votre intérêt.

Welcome to Ang.O Art, this website gives an overall view of my pictorial search. Content is also in French and Spanish, highlighted by fr or es. To see more paintings of animals please visit the Animal paintings website. Thank you for your visit.

Bienvenida sobre Ang.O Art, este sitio web muestra mi trabajo de búsqueda pictórica general. El contenido es también en francés y español, indicado por fr o es. Para ver mas pinturas de animales por favor visite el sitio dedicado a los Animales. Gracias por su visita.